Help Us Continue Our Vital Aid to Animals in Need This Holiday Season

Dear Friend,

This has been a difficult year in our nation. There have been an unprecedented number of natural disasters. The economy, though improving, has not embraced all segments of the population. Mass shootings and hate crimes have become continual threats. Some families have been forced to abandoned beloved pets due to loss of income or natural disasters. Despite this we come home to the unconditional love of our pets. What would we do without them?

Where would they be without us? As you enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends we hope you will think about the dogs and cats who need your assistance in order to find their forever family. We know you receive dozens of requests for donations at this time of year but we hope you can open your heart and your wallet one more time to help us continue our vital aid to abandoned and abused animals.

The goal of Seventh Heaven Rescue is to find permanent homes for dogs and cats at the lowest cost and in the most humane manner by using foster families and skilled volunteers to transition these pets to their new homes. We are animal lovers who have worked with many organizations and have determined what we feel is the best and most cost effective way to rescue needy animals. Our fundraising dollars go directly toward helping animals.

Please visit, send a check to Seventh Heaven Rescue PO Box 15213, Syracuse, NY 13215 or Venmo to SeventhHeavenRescue to help us continue our worthy cause. Any amount of money (or time) you can spare is appreciated. Thank you for your generous donation.


Jana and Steve Reiss
Alex Coursen

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