About the Seventh Heaven Rescue Team

Jana Reiss and Seven

Jana Dosztan-Reiss, President and Co-founder

Seventh Heaven Rescue President and Co-founder Jana Dosztan-Reiss has worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, focusing for the last 10 years on the geriatric population. Her love for dogs led her to become a volunteer for a large New York City rescue and subsequently become the co-chair of the rescue’s New York City ACC team.

Over the past five years she has helped countless dogs that were homeless and at risk of being euthanized to find happy loving homes. She has been the voice of many dogs in need, including her beloved dog Seven for whom this rescue is named.

Jana lives in upstate New York with her husband Steve. Together they have carried out their shared passion of fostering and adopting countless dogs over the past 10 years. Average 30 hours per week worked with the rescue. Duties include making decisions about which dogs to rescue, managing the business of the rescue, managing the contingent of volunteers and ensuring critical functions are covered.

Steve Reiss and Ben

Steve Reiss, Treasurer and Logistics Manager

After a 20 year career as an engineer, Steve Reiss left the manufacturing industry to pursue his interest in working with animals. He currently works at a local veterinary hospital.

Steve has fostered and helped countless dogs on their journeys while they waited for their forever homes. He gave them hope when there was none in sight.

Steve lives with his wife Jana in upstate New York where together they pursue their shared passion of helping animals in need. Their family currently includes seven adopted dogs of various shapes and sizes.

Steve serves as the Treasurer for Seventh Heaven Rescue. Average 20 hours per week worked with the rescue. Duties include managing the finances, managing compliance and managing logistics.

liz- bio image

Liz Persons, Vice President/Foster Coordinator

Liz spent 33 years in elementary education before retiring. Now she devotes her time and energy to a passion she has had for a long time - helping dogs. Since retiring, Liz has been involved with several rescue groups doing whatever was needed–from walking and transporting dogs to educating children about dogs–and now as Vice President and Foster Coordinator for Seventh Heaven Rescue. She has always had a dog in her life from when she was growing up to current times.

As an adult, Liz and her family have had several rescue dogs. They began fostering dogs a few years ago and have had several dogs pass through their home on their way to their forever homes. There are currently four dogs living with Liz's family – Nala, Hattie, Heidi (7HR foster fail), and Panda (aka Nancy - 7HR foster fail). Liz’s passion for rescuing dogs has been passed to her grown children as they all have rescue dogs of their own.

Liz lives in Central NY with her husband, Chris, one of their daughters, Emily, and their four dogs.