Seventh Heaven Rescue - We Help Any Animal in Need

About Seventh Heaven Rescue

In 2018 a group of animal lovers got together to form a special animal rescue.

Every year millions of pets are surrendered to animal shelters and ultimately euthanized. In NY state alone, thousands of dogs and cats are neglected, abandoned, homeless and left in shelters.

Seven was one of many pets abandoned by the only family he had ever known.

Our Mission

Our mission is to try to keep dogs out of shelters as well as rescue dogs that have found themselves in shelters. Our goal is to provide them the love, compassion, kindness, dignity and respect as well as medical care they need and deserve.

Our mission is to honor Seven’s memory in the hope that we can help other dogs and any animal in need just like him find loving families.

We are strictly a not for profit organization. All donations go directly to those animals in our care.